Mistakes Not to Commit When Searching for IT Companies

Statista forecasts the scope of the managed services industry to reach almost $300 billion by 2023. This rise, up from a projected $190 billion in 2019, can be attributed to the fact enterprises know the value of robust managed services in fulfilling their IT needs.

However, if you seek IT support firms to assist you with IT requirements, you must ensure that you choose the correct partner. As with every industry, business expansion brings more competitors. Besides this, not all IT firms are created equal. When selecting the right MSP partner, one must be aware of all the pitfalls and know how to avoid them. 

Mistake #1: Failing to Ask the IT Company References

A quick online search for MSP around your area can offer you great insight into what all IT companies are operating in your location. Sadly, choosing an MSP vendor purely on what you read on their website or social media may land you and your business in trouble. You’ll have to conduct extensive research to determine whether an MSP is a perfect fit for your business.

Most MSPs have many clients listed on their websites and boast about collaborating with giant corporations. However, that doesn’t indicate they’re suitable for your business. Instead of depending just on what you read, speak with some of their clients. Inquire if they have any recommendations you may contact. If they decline, you should take it as a sign to stay away from them.

Mistake #2: Not Asking for Case Studies

A case study is equally important as a reference since it shows how an MSP tackled and solved a problem for one of their clients. A case study describes the MSP’s approach and the hurdles they faced, and how the outcome benefited the customer.

Reading through their case studies can also provide you with insight into how they execute various IT solutions. You can tell if they preemptively identified a problem for their client or if they merely responded to something that occurred. The case studies will also help you analyze what technologies they are familiar with and which technological innovations they are utilizing.

Case studies can give you a clear and better understanding of how far an MSP is ready to go to make your organization grow. If an MSP is unwilling to offer you case studies that they created, you should keep exploring other firms offering IT consultancy in Virginia

Mistake #3: Not Considering Scalability

Every organization must think of scalability whenever they deploy new technology into their IT infrastructure. Ask yourself questions like; is your cloud service provider capable of scaling with you? Will your ERP or CRM system scale with your company? Can the IAM system withstand a surge in demand? Will your network be able to withstand a surge in additional users and traffic?

Your MSP should be able to expand alongside you. Just because they can handle your difficulties while you’re still small doesn’t guarantee they can address your IT challenges as you grow.

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